Written in an accessible style, Kameel Hawa shares his thoughts on contemporary issues ranging from the culture of innovation, the ubiquity of ever-blinking screens and our relationship with the natural world all in one book, Sabab Akhar. The articles reflect on the significance of small, unexpected moments all too easily passed over in the hectic pace of the today’s world. For example, ‘The Other Tourism’ considers the insights to be gained from unexpected or coincidental experiences during travel; ‘Silent Majority’ explores the beauty of seemingly plain objects (the chair, the pencil, the simple glass of water); “Space for Boredom” reflects on how inspiration can still occur in moments of stillness.





The articles are accompanied by Hawa’s sketches and drawings and are printed on colored paper to suggest changes in the pacing and tempo of his essays. Reminiscent in its presentation of a personal notebook, Another Reason combines the author’s acute observation and empathetic musings, inviting the reader to share in the shared experience of modern life.


Winner of Dubai Lynx Award 2011 for publication design.