Terhal is the first tourism magazine in Saudi Arabia, and was commissioned to Al Mohtaraf by the Supreme Commission for Tourism as one of the efforts initiated by the latter to promote internal tourism in the Kingdom.

Al Mohtaraf was especially meticulous in handling Terhal from the moment of its inception, design and content, which also included its advertisements. This could easily be considered a new approach in advertising design, in a sense that they are supposed to be a perfect marriage between the common perception of advertisements and the magazine’s unique style.



Sample spreads from the magazine where door icons are used as section dividers. A specialized editorial team within Al Mohtaraf conceives and develops the overall content of Terhal magazine including photography.



Billboard for Terhal’s launching ceremony sponsored by Prince Sultan Bin Salman Bin Abdel Aziz, CEO of the Supreme Commission for Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.