Teayana is aware of the alternative lounge experience that it is, and accordingly uses this concept in its logo, which takes both Arabic and English forms, and in its colour scheme, that of stark reds and greens contrasting only as to enhance each other further, as all fine opposites do. Symbolism aside, the reds and greens serve to remind the viewer of the tea experience consisting of red and green tea. The illustration is that of two teacups bearing the two colours of Teayana and laid in such a way as to imply a conversation between them. Their treatment, flat, stark, and almost geometric, pays tribute to the illustrations often found in lounges and accordingly highlights the visual vocabulary of the place. The registered slogan, ‘let’s tea together’® emphasizes the Teayana ambience, and in Arabic was formulated by manipulating grammatical rules in such a way as to create a new word which sounds perfectly authentic to Arabic language.  Al Mohtaraf tackled all the details of Teayana’s visual identity, from the logo to the menus, packaging, stationery, and website, thus creating a complete identity manual for its franchising.




teayana® logo was designed to convey both aspects of the brand and can be divided into two parts: the logo symbol which conveys the mood of the tea lounge and the logotype which emphasizes the brand name.




Details of retail and delivery items showing the various usages of the logo in both languages and the dominant red orange ‘signature’ color of teayana®.