After a year and nine months of hard work, the Saudi Professional League Commission unveils its new visual identity for its professional league, sponsored by the telecom giant Zain. It is called Zain Saudi League, or ZSL in short. One main challenge we were faced with was how to represent Saudi athletics in a way that carried national and emotional appeal, without reverting to classical signifiers such as the palm tree, the horse, and the Arabian sword. It was also necessary that the logo have weight and trustworthiness, without losing a feeling of speed and vigor. Variations for the logo included a a black-and white version to be used for fax print, as well as a gold-framed version to be used for championships.

The latter version, as well as the original silver-framed one, come with their own flattened variations, to be used on the league’s clothing. A look inside after the jump.

Applications included stationery, sportsbags, accessories, and possible publications.

Custom-designed digits for the players’ shirts