Compiled and curated by prominent Saudi artist Abdul-Aziz Ashour to capture the richness and variety of the preceding two decades of Saudi art, Saudi Artists Today presents an illuminating and stylish introduction to eighteen of Saudi Arabia’s leading modern artists. The book is not intended as a comprehensive review of the entire scene; rather, it seeks to provide the reader with a representative selection of each artist’s most recent work.


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Initiated in collaboration with the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information and designed to accompany a touring painting exhibition aboard, Saudi Artists Today seeks to remedy the dearth of quality collections of Saudi artwork. The book portrays the artists in their individual working and creative environments, placing equal emphasis both on the work and upon the artists themselves. Beautifully rendered photo essays are accompanied by biographies of each participating artist, as well as succinct articles addressing their methodologies, interests and important contributions to the Kingdom’s growing and dynamic contemporary art movement.


The book can be found on our mohtaraf books website:,saudi-artists-today.html