AlMohtaraf changes one more time, the idea of what a conference gift must look like. Those who attended the third OPEC summit in Riyadh will probably never forget what they received. As the host of this major event, Saudi Arabia wished to show its guests the values inherent to its culture: hospitality and celebration of cultural diversity. As a result, the conference souvenirs and VIP gifts, were two very different items. While a box of dates could sound like an ordinary idea, the one developed by AlMohtaraf served as a uniquely rich package: a luxurious box of 40 different types of dates from around the Saudi Arabia peninsula accompanied by a booklet that describes the varieties, their various usages and qualities, together with a map revealing the areas where each type of date grows. The booklet was packaged with a colourful set of postcards on palm trees. The other gift was a set of calendars grouping photographs and information about the 12 countries participating in the summit. Every page from this calendar is dedicated to an OPEC member, a meaningful embodiment of a come-together occasion. It displays a portrait photograph of a child or children together with comprehensive information about each country, its geographic, economic, social and cultural characteristics.



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