Towards the end of 2007, Riyad Rayess Publishers, one of the most prominent publishers in the Arab world, set out to find a design house that would handle the cover design of their books after the sudden loss of their lifetime design partner and found Almohtaraf in the process. With a very low budget allocated for cover design, and an unshakable decision from Rayess to use the Arabic font Manal Black on all covers, Al Mohtaraf’s challenge was to build a recognisable visual style and flexible design approach for the books. Using full bleed images that were indirectly related to the subject of the matter, or had expressed a lateral point of view, or a strong cropping of mood images, Al Mohtaraf developed around 30 covers thus far. Al Mohtaraf also designed a fixed template for the spines that automatically made the books identifiable when sitting on the shelf.


Special Series ‘Mosbah Al Horiyya’ on Libertarian writers who influenced Modern thought.


A selection of book covers using a wide range of photographic and illustrative styles. The source of images is either Al Mohtaraf’s photo archive or Riyad El Rayyes’ collection of photographs.