Midan, designed by Kameel Hawa, was originally conceived as an exclusive Mohtaraf font, but is now sold on the Linotype Arabic type library. The font has three weights and is a very fluid and accessible font for long text readings. Its large counters and highly calligraphic strokes and characteristic angles make the typeface as idiosyncratic as can be.

Midan won the TDC award for best in show in 2007 and the award in Linotype’s First Arabic Type design competition in 2006. Midan reflects the fine work put into it at a time of dire need for new and reliable Arabic text fonts with impact. Midan flows smoothly and subtly, its proportions faithful to those of the Naskh, a classical Arabic script, with a friendly appearance that is sturdy and reliable. Not only was the Arabic typeface Midan amongst the winning entries of the Linotype competition, but it was also the judge’s choice, Herman Zapf, renowned international type designer and guest juror of the competition.