AlMohtaraf took out the word ‘Malakiyya’ from the official name of the Royal Commission and made it the centrepiece of the whole visual identity of the event. The event marked the inauguration of new factories and expansion of the two cities in the form of new industrial complexes.

AlMohtaraf tried to highlight the event’s special significance through two slogans using a play on words; the first, ‘the development industry continues’ reads as ‘making’ development but also points at the industrial aspect of the event; and the second ‘from cornerstone to cornerstone’ pays ode to both Saudi kings, the belated King Fahd and King Abdallah who both contributed effectively to the commission, while concomitantly referring to the architectural aspect of the event.

The 30th anniversary also served as an occasion to announce that AlMohtaraf was assigned the task of redesigning the Royal Commission’s emblem, answering to its continuous drive for progress and development.

On the third occasion of collaboration between Al Mohtaraf and The Royal Commission of Jbeil and Yunbu’, Al Mohtaraf designed the full visual identity for the commission’s 30th anniversary, including an event book that functioned as a timeline for the company from its establishment in 1976 until the present.