Questioning the value of calligraphy in modern painting, Kameel Hawa states that ‘We are our Heritage’. Quoting him: “…for the wellbeing of our modern cultural life, the fine calligraphic and art heritage ought to in no way be reduced to poorer, flimsy substitutes, or even to what could be considered a superficial genre of Arabism in art.” To make the case, he presents the long history of work done at Al Mohtaraf in word art and calligraphic design for calendars. He claims that “…what determines the artistic content of any work being art or design, is the nature of the artist’s involvement while doing it. The amount of feeling he renders in it, is what counts and determines how high is the resolution of its artistic pixels.



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Fans collecting pages from Word Art after the lecture



Kameel Hawa with Azza Fahmi, world famous Egyptian jewelry designer



with German designer Karen Von