Two little spiders hang on two strings from a cursive, neon-style sign inspired by the kindergarten song ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’. The visual result is a logo for a new baby shop, Itsy Bitsy Baby, opening its doors soon in Riyadh, KSA. We were asked to design a full identity for the shop from its logo to its online presence. To accompany the logo, custom-designed patterns were designed to be applied across all platforms such as the interiors of the shop, the full range of packaging, and the e-commerce website. The challenge was to avoid the creepiness that spiders can convey, and create instead a fairytale atmosphere suitable for children, both of which aims we achieved through an abstracted illustrative style and a mellowed down color palette resembling a creamy cupcake.


itsy-03 itsy-02 itsy-01 ITSY-07(1) ITSY-08 ITSY-09

Bespoke stuffed spiders of the logo are designed and manufactured specially for the shop.