Considered by many to be among the most beautiful cities of the world, Istanbul is getting a heartfelt renovation of its historic central area. A major urban development project is underway, to renew the esteemed area of Sülaymaniye à la Solidaire of Beirut or Vienna’s Donaustadt. The neighborhood, named after its majestic mosque, is located on the European side of Istanbul. The mosque dominates the skyline, nearly singlehandedly ‘branding’ Istanbul, so to speak.

Al Mohtaraf was commissioned to name and design the identity of this prime developmental project.

Keeping the area’s original name which is strongly routed in the collective memory of its inhabitants and coupling it with the word ‘yeni’ standing for ‘new’, is Suleymaniyeni.

Inspired by the brick rooftops, iconic mosque, and a modernist approach, the logo is as scenic as the actual view from the other side of the Bosphorous! Al Mohtaraf also designed the print collateral that went along with the launching of this colossal undertaking.