Al Arabiyyah TV hosts Kameel Hawa on its famous Rawafed show that is presented by Ahmad Ali El Zein who has brought on some of the most important Arabic intellectuals, such Mohamad Arkoun, the Franco-Moroccan writer and poet Taher Ben Jelloun, the liberal theologian Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd etc…


part 1


In a wealth of visuals from the guests’ real lives Rawafed takes the viewer as close as possible into the world of those intellectuals, artists, scientists who have enriched and still enrich the human knowledge and experience.


part 2


Through a friendly interview, Ahmad Ali El Zein highlights their experiences, presents their works, and explores their opinions about the latest issues and developments occurring in the world of culture, arts, science and other matters of public interests.

Rawafed, one of the most watched TV programs, was awarded in 2010 the golden prize for the best cultural and educational program at the 10th edition of the Gulf Media Festival.