One of the very few theatre groups in Jeddah get a new identity designed by Al Mohtaraf, plus the design of their first poster for a debut play in the title of “Like an Orange Scent”. The logo is a handwritten brisk and geometric rendering of the name Hekaya divided over two lines and is printed in fluorescent orange ink.




With a first-time all female staff, the play was performed at Dar Al-Hekmah College in Jeddah to a packed audience. “Like an Orange Scent” is based around the heroic role played by Palestinian women in the struggle for their homeland. The play’s title is inspired from the citrus fruit itself, especially the Yafawi oranges. Yafawi orange trees, which have a five times-a-year yield, are found only in Palestine and are overprinted in fluorescent orange ink over the black and white watercolor illustration drawn by our own Omar Sobair.