Al Mohtaraf was commissioned to design the graphic identity of Hakaya Festival, one of the first festivals of its kind in the Saudi Kingdom about the art of storytelling. It involves the art of story writing, drawing and sketching the characters, followed by animation and ultimately production of the story in digital format. The event also seeks to enhance the creativity and imagination of children of all ages through hands on interaction and participation in story development throughout the various stages.

The five-day cultural, educational and recreational display dubbed Hakaya Festival concluded with 65,000 taking part in the event from various segments of society.
The event, organized by the Riyadh Development Authority (ADA), attracted an unending stream of visitors till the closing day,

The visual tone of voice is set with the hand drawn and sketchy identity that is followed through in the illustration style and the custom font developed specially for the occasion. The juxtaposing and dissection of the letters make up the full ‘story’ of Hakaya, including its slogan.