Yesterday was the opening evening of Beirut Art Fair, the annual come together of international art scene of galleries and design houses from the middle east and north Africa. Al Mohtaraf, chosen this year as the identity and publications design house for the Fair, participated with a stand highlighting mainly it’s logo design and branding area of expertise. The centerpiece of the stand is a large 3D sculptural piece of the word “fann” (the Arabic for art) by Kameel Hawa.
The entrance of the fair showcases the classic design of the name ‘Beirut’, a huge 5-meter wooden structure that attracted the attention of all Fair guests. The event continues for three more days, 6, 7, and 8 July. All are invited to the momentous occasion that reconfims Beirut city’s vitality and love.




“Beirut” sculpture stands high at the entrance of the Beirut Art Fair 2012