Our collaboration with the Literary Club of the Sharqiyya Region goes back to the first days of their literary magazine, Dareen, whose identity and layout we undertook. This time, the Literary Club of the Sharqiyya Region have commissioned us to design the identity of its first forum, entitled “Dareen’s First Literary Forum”, and taking place at the Sheraton Hotel in Dammam, KSA, on October 4th. The end result is a hand lettering done by Kameel Hawa, hatched and treated to flat pastels in all negative spaces. Whereas the logotype’s dots are squares rotated in the traditional Arabic fashion, the dot of the “noon” in “Dareen” is kept without rotation and is furthermore colored in red, which makes of it a focal point and anchors the otherwise fluid composition onto it. The applications were extensive and included stationery, signage, bags, invitation cards, and billboards.