The Sharqiyya Literary Club (Al Adabi Literary Club) commissioned Al Mohtaraf to design ‘Dareen,’ the club’s seasonal literary magazine. The team at Al Mohtaraf thought of a narrative that would encompass the material and content to be featured, and envisioned them in the form of a journal holding the diverse material together.


It is from this perspective that a cover template was developed, whereby the magazine’s meta-information finds its space within a side box, a motif that recurs inside the magazine in the form of titleholders. The logo of the magazine is a reflection of the world to which the club belongs.


Inside the pages, the material is distributed across three parts, two of which are treated in duotone colours and surround the third, a feature article on an artist or designer treated in full colour. Whereas the feature article’s colour treatment highlights its central position, the colour treatment of the introductory and final sections goes hand in hand with the magazine’s contemplative ambience, one created by sparseness of visual elements, a low hanging line and overall generous white spaces.