AlMohtaraf was commissioned by King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives to design the maquette and editorial trip of Darah, the foundation’s official magazine. To that end, we designed Darah, a display Arabic typeface influenced by early script found on Hijazi pottery. Eight years later, we decided to initiate a second generation of the same Darah typeface to make it more legible and visually coherent, with few ligature and contextual alternate updates.






The size of the letters in relation to the aleph has grown. This improves legibility at smaller sizes.





  Excess ink was removed from the stroke ends. This gives the fount a crisper finish.





The shape of all teeth was unified as to make the font more coherent.






Not only were the teeth of the seen unified and elongated, but their upper slope also increased. This makes the seen’s teeth stand out among other teeth (such as the beh and the medial yeh).





The comma was eradicated and rebuilt altogether as to become more coherent with the rest of the fount, as one can notice with the sample line set below




The upper two stems of the ain were made of length similar to that of its tail, and its upper stem was made crisper via ink reduction




The yeh in both free-standing and final forms was enlarged, lowered, and freed of excess ink. The result is crisper and better-adhering to classical calligraphic proportions, and is therefore more legible.