It all started with AlMohtaraf‘s passion for calligraphy and a drive to carry this great tradition into modern times. It was an enthusiasm that gave birth to calendar design as the most wide spread means of displaying mastery and innovativeness to the public eye. Countless wall calendars were designed through out the years. They display high quality reproductions of original art pieces and are, until this day, framed and hung on the walls of many offices, public halls, hospitals, schools and other institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.   Since then, Al Mohtaraf’s calendar design has expanded onto other artistic lines such as drawing, illustration and photography. The photographic themes have researched artistic originality in the various fields all the way from natural habitat to architecture and urban life. Moreover, these calendars have taken on several forms and formats; they can be put on your walls, your desk or even inside your pockets! Al Mohtaraf calendar designs have become its trademark, its message of artistic authenticity and its open field of exploration and innovation.