Beirut is one of Kameel Hawa’s Word Art pieces. It is now a majestic typographic sculpture standing high in a strategic location facing the attractive restaurant hub of Zaitounah Bey.

At the early evening of this Wednesday June 24, the sculpture of Beirut, was unveiled in a resounding event organized by the CCC, the well known contractors, that acquired the art piece and donated it to the city of Beirut. The event was sponsored by the Lebanese minister of interior Nuhad Almashnouq, and attended by around three hundred guests including country dignitaries, opinion leaders and senior members of the business sector. During the unveiling of the monument, a swarm of balloons went flying into the spring blue sky, and a new beautiful song dedicated to Beirut by the well known composer Ahmad Qabour was played, to add an additional magical touch to this eventful inauguration. The occasion was widely covered in Lebanese press and TV stations.


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