Al Mohtaraf developed the identity for BAF in 2011 with the goal of making it an internationally recognised brand.

The new mark is comprised of seven trailing rings, resulting in an arabesque blossom-like symbol that forms the shape of the letter ب.

The identity brings a sense of energy, diversity, fun and passion to the BAF brand. The identity was implemented across all media, including stationery items, programme leaflets, brochures and posters, billboards, and luxurious invitations with special printing effects such as varnishes and diecuts.


In parallel to Beirut Art Fair, the streets of downtown Beirut transformed into artistic pavilions with the launch of Beirut Art Week. Al Mohtaraf was chosen to design the identity of this event as well.  The logo is an uninterrupted scribbling of a circle conveying the hub that brings together works of arts of various artists.

Also, after the big success of Beirut Art fair, a new one was created by the same team in Singapore. Its identity was also commissioned to Al Mohtaraf and it consisted of multiple overlapping triangles coming together to form an S which stands for Singapore.




BAF-2012-01 BAF-2012-02singaporeartfair_01