After 37 years of fruitful collaboration, Saudi Aramco’s president Abdallah Jum’ha decided to step down from his position–an event that the corporation could not let pass without a commemorative pause. For that it commissioned Al Mohtaraf to design a book on Jum’ha’s biography, a project that was completed in a record period of one month. The book was entitled “Bearing his Signature”, and referred in that of course to Jum’ha’s life as well as professional career. Al Mohtaraf, faced with a very rich biography, thought to use selective pieces of text to be the main player in the book, and that the visuals serve to surround the biography with an air of retrospective contemplation using watercolours specially commissioned for this occasion. It was also necessary to maintain a personal touch through the busy biography, something that was successfully carried out from cover to cover, literally, in the sense of the handwritten title and the watercolor portrait of Mr. Jum’ha.

Another mission for the same occasion was to design a special sculptural piece from Al Qafila magazine team to Mr. Jum’ha. The gift’s central idea was the use of the first magazine supplement visual as the basis of the sculpture. Al Jisr, a calligraphic interpretation of the “bridge” was molded and folded out of a continuous sheet of stainless steal, then etched with a selected poem by Khalil Hawi.