Always, from Procter & Gamble, is one of the biggest sellers of hygiene pads in the world. AlMohtaraf was contacted to design the Arabic custom typeface to be used on al their ABL and BTL projects. One of the major challenges we faced in the design of this typeface was finding a good match for the fluid curviness of the Latin counterpart, Always Radio. As a result, to draw some of the letterforms and pinpoint the connecting strokes between each of them.

After numerous trials, experimentation and evaluations, we found a way to link the Arabic glyphs seamlessly together without compromising the fluidity of the connections. Another major decision we had to take is in the angle of the slant, which took an opposite direction to the Latin since Arabic by nature cannot be slanted to the right. The resulting font had a relatively high and variable tooth height, high, thick/thin stroke variation and fluidly pointed endings.