Menasart, in its second year, turned into an international arts event that hosted tens of galleries from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia (the regions from which the acronym of the event is derived.)

The event was held in Beirut, Lebanon, from August 13 till the 16th with an outstanding number of 10,000 visitors.
Al Mohtaraf’s participation was more artistic than graphic, showcasing three main categories: 3 dimensional sculptures of word art by Kameel Hawa, the novel Mohtaraf publishing activity of art books, and finally a collection of calligraphic watercolors of the names of the Prophets by Kameel Hawa.
Al Mohtaraf also hosted a book singing session for the book Saudi Artists Today by painter Abdul Aziz Ashour, with the attendance of Saudi painter Taha Sabban, and the well-known artist/critic Omran al Kaissi.
This year’s Menasart also witnessed a wide participation from Saudi Arabia by well-known names, through the presence of Athar Gallery, and the well known Nabat Gallery that exhibited miscellaneus works by vanguard Saudi Arabian artists including Reem AlFaisal and Loulwa AlHumood.
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