After Shams and Al Yaum, Al Jazira joins the number of Saudi newspapers to have their typefaces designed by Al Mohtaraf. The significance of this stems from the fact that there are eight Saudi newspapers currently in print, which implies that in percentile form the ratio of newspapers having typefaces designed by Al Mohtaraf surpasses 30% of the total count of Saudi newspapers.


‘Al Jazira’ is one of Riyadh’s leading newspapers. Al Mohtaraf was commissioned to design and develop a typeface family for the titles of the newspaper that would conform to the standards of readability and legibility without necessitating the hideous vertical distortion that newspaper titles are usually subjected to in order to fit the largest possible title within a confined space. This meant that the typeface in question should also be unique, creative, and visually distinct from other newspaper titles in the market.


The final product, a typeface family of two weights, Bold and Regular proved to be a success. Inspired by the Naskhi, it appealed to the Saudi eye, which was already familiar with the script in newspaper publications, its large counters allows a comfortable read in small sizes common to newspapers with Al Mohtaraf’s signature embedded in it.