Beirut’s International Arab Book Fair 2008 was the first held after the passing of renowned Arab poet Mahmoud Darwish, and Riyad Al Rayyes publishers did not want this to pass unnoticed. As a result, they commissioned Al Mohtaraf Beirut Graphics to design a stand in memoriam of this occasion. The stand ran twenty five metres long and two metres high, its longitudinal structure inspiring the designers a timeline of Darwish’s life, culminating at the verses of his famous poem ‘Note Down: I am Arab’ (published in 1964) and visualised on an old palestinian identity card. A month’s time of research was dedicated to the development of this timeline with rich, accurate, and coherently linked information. The timeline even included mentions of Arab artists who had sung songs for Darwish. The timeline was dissected into seven phases that corresponds to significant events of Darwish’s life, and each was assigned a color. A time bar spanned through the 25-vmeter space; both the color code and the time bar acted as a reference for the highlights of the poet’s life. Small illustrations and photos where added respectively to each phase, giving the mood of the occurrences.