Few letters that say: poetry!

08. 08. 2015

In 2015, a new poetry festival of modernist trends, started in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, organised by the local branch of the Society of Culture and Arts.
This festival in its first year, carries the name of avant-garde poet Mohammad Al-Ali–a tribute to his leading role in spreading modern poetry. The festival is called “Beit Ashshiir”, which translated literary still has two distinct meanings, the house of poetry, and a (complete) line of verse!

The core idea is that of a spontaneous line drawing of the logo with an ink pen on paper.

Upon receiving it the society branch chief, wrote saying that the moment the logo arrived, we felt a new high mark was placed up there, and we must work hard to make the festival meet the new set standard.





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Message of the day

Kameel Hawa: Shape of the Word – Arabic Typographic Sculpture for Public Spaces  here.


Beirut sculpture takes center stage and opens the Beirut Art Week in front of Le Grey Hotel in the presence of the artist Kameel Hawa, the Lebanese minister of culture and the the director of the Beirut Art Fair Laure D'Hauteville among others.


On April 13, 2013, Al Mohtaraf Beirut studio will be hosting the launch of the book 'Arabic Type Design for Beginners' from the Khatt foundation. Book your copy: khtt.foundation@gmail.com  

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Arabic Calligraphy in Modern art; a case by Kameel Hawa

Mohtaraf will be at the annual 56th Beirut Arab Book Fair with its newest book collection, Stand C28

ISTD awards AlMohtaraf two Certificates of Excellence for the design of the books: