Young Saudi Lenses

21. 02. 2011

The culmination of four years of hard work and cooperation between Al Mohtaraf design house and a team of aspiring photographers, Young Saudi Lenses presents a new vision of Saudi Arabia as experienced by its youth and reflecting their dreams and aspirations.

The project has placed no limitations on submissions; any young man or woman with passion and a camera was welcome to participate. Photographers bear witness to their own interpretation of their country, some focusing their inquisitive cameras closer to a society in change, others on a vast country redefining its identity through natural and ecological variety.

The layout of the works avoids usual classification into stale subject groupings; instead mood, colour and form guide the reader seamlessly on a narrative journey through the collection, aiming to capture Saudi life at the moment the shutter clicks.

“It was time they looked at their country with a new perspective – their own” 
The book can be found on our mohtaraf books website:,young-saudi-lenses.html



Message of the day

Kameel Hawa: Shape of the Word – Arabic Typographic Sculpture for Public Spaces  here.


Beirut sculpture takes center stage and opens the Beirut Art Week in front of Le Grey Hotel in the presence of the artist Kameel Hawa, the Lebanese minister of culture and the the director of the Beirut Art Fair Laure D'Hauteville among others.


On April 13, 2013, Al Mohtaraf Beirut studio will be hosting the launch of the book 'Arabic Type Design for Beginners' from the Khatt foundation. Book your copy:  

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Arabic Calligraphy in Modern art; a case by Kameel Hawa

Mohtaraf will be at the annual 56th Beirut Arab Book Fair with its newest book collection, Stand C28

ISTD awards AlMohtaraf two Certificates of Excellence for the design of the books: